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April 22, 2011

If you like some adrenaline filled action, car racing shenanigans and manly scowls I’m pretty sure ’Fast Five’ will be your cup of tea. The film stars the likes of Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster, Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson and Dwayne Johnson. ‘Fast Five’ is released in cinemas April 29th in the US, and is out now in the UK. Check out what Vin Diesel had to say about the film below.

In the film you’ve got to assemble a team, a lot is at stake. Talk about bringing everyone back to assemble this team?

Vin Diesel: There was never a more appropriate time. We started this leg of the trilogy with Fast & Furious, the fourth instalment. The studio, I, Justin, we were all kind of dreaming at first that we could create a new trilogy, we started it with ‘Fast & Furious’ in 2009. This film however has a sombre element to it, we wanted to do a 180, bring in all these elements of levity and make it super fun, we did that by bringing back the whole cast and having them all work together as one family, one team.

Dom (Diesel) and Brian (Walker) are on the same side now.

Vin Diesel: FINALLY (laughs).

What’s that like? It’s like a family now.

Vin Diesel: That’s one of the things that I think speaks to our audience so much, the fact that aside from the fact that we’ve gone to a new level of action, aside from the fact that this film is more adrenaline pumped than any of the other four films. At the same time it continues its loyalty to family, it’s such an important element to this film, it’s also so rare in Hollywood action films, to feel that element so prevalent throughout the whole picture, but that’s what this is. How often do you see an action movie where two guys are talking about Fatherhood, or the female character is pregnant, you have to deal with that, and it’s your sister…all those things play into this really really really cool film.

Something like 200 cars were destroyed making the film.

Vin Diesel: (Laughs) It’s very real, when you shoot a lot of this practicalthe cars get destroyed, if we used a lot of CG we wouldn’t have had to worry about the cars, but we would have lost something that the audience feels when they watch the movie.

How was it with Dwayne ’The Rock’ Johnson being involved?

Vin Diesel: I couldn’t have dreamed for a better ’Hobbs’. We initially designed the role for Tommy Lee Jones, one of my fans on Facebook, Jan Kelly, said I would love to see you and The Rock in anything together. When the last film came out in 2009, the only person to call me after the 72.5 million dollar opening weekend was Dwayne Johnson, long before he ever knew he was going to be apart of this, he called me and congratulated me for the success. That kind of stuff goes along way. We’ve been toying to do stuff together and been wanting to do stuff together for ten years. It really was the best choice in the world if we were trying to challenge my character Dom, we needed someone bigger, we needed someone who looked formidable and acted as a formidable adversary. We needed someone who felt like they were on the outside of this franchise and to come in with that type of testosterone.

I watched the film with a big crowd and people were having a tonne of fun.

Vin Diesel: I think because in spite of us having the best action in the world, we deliver a story that they feel, and the core of all this IS a story, with characters that they know, that they’re on this journey with, that they’ve basically started this whole millennium with. At the end of the day there’s a heart to this film, that I think translates.


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