Vin Arrived In Moscow
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On an arrival to Moscow the Hollywood actor has gone at once to airport “Domodedovo” bar to pass a beer mug.

Having descended on the Russian earth, the actor didn’t begin to linger and at once has laid the route in a direction of restaurant of an aviacomplex.

– Mr. has spent the Diesel engine at us about a half an hour, has drunk a beer small bottle. With it there was a translator, and we even could exchange pair phrases, – the waitress of an institution Oksana has shared with Life Showbiz. – it such charming, has left to me the autograph on our menu.

The Hollywood celebrity it is not confused absolutely not by that has destroyed all plans of the party accepting it.

Its sit-round gathering in a bar was preceded by delay lasting many hours aboard the plane.

The owner of one of the most charming bald heads in the world differs the непунктуальностью.

– Wines the Diesel engine has simply overslept the flight to Russia.
We have torn off all phones to agents vip-staying. Couldn’t receive the information, it has taken off or not, – tells Life Showbiz one of Russian managers of a star. – two times for a today we had to drive cars in the airport.

(P.S. i didn’t have time, so i translate it with promt)

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