Fast Five Presentation In Moscow
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On the prime minister in “October” there was a present chaos of admirers of “Forcing”. The crowd scanned names of protagonists of a picture – Pola Uokena, Duejna of “Rock” Johnson and Wine of the Diesel engine. Youth idols didn’t aspire on a premiere, having arrived to a cinema with two-hour delay.

When actors have stepped on the stage, in a hall many were whispered. At night before a premiere Vin Diesel relaxed in club “Sohorooms” .

Wines has greeted spectators, having told «WelooooooooveRussia!» Is was so long that it seemed, he has forgotten, about what in general there is a speech. Though, it is quite probable that it was really glad to be in our hospitable country.

– We so love Russia! Try to guess, where 6th Forcing will act in film? Yes, it will be in Moscow! You have made so that we have wanted to arrive to you once again, and you, our admirers, so well accepted us during our first visit in 2009 year. We so are proud!. Last phrase has been said three times – for persuasiveness.

The floor of Uoken fairly admitted that has drunk too much vodka at last night, but has used the best efforts to arrive in time. The leader of action, writer Dmitry Gluhovsky, hasn’t missed chance and has broken a standard current of a premiere, having started to ask questions from itself. The most curious question has got to the Floor. Gluhovsky has taken an interest, he would like to send on errands on night streets of our city:

Are two persons (the hall has knowingly laughed), and you presume in our city only, the Floor, it would be desirable to subdue lines of Moscow?

- The best that is in Moscow are your roads. If I so drove in the homeland at me would select the rights. And last time I drove so all the day long, and to me for it was nothing.

And the Rock has added:

- I not against if those two persons, Dima whom you meant, is urged on with me, the Floor Walker and Wine the Diesel engine on night roads ».

At parting actors have praised Russian women – a pier, ours it is the most beautiful than women in Hollywood then have gone to booze further.

(*translated with Promt)

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